New building in Feldmoos: the residents are very happy

On Wednesday, the residents of the Feldmoos residential complex were given the keys. VOL.AT visited two women in their four walls.

Two residential buildings in Bregenzer Feldmoos have been demolished and rebuilt over the past few years.

The keys could finally be handed over on Wednesday. The “restraint” is to begin in the coming days.

The two houses are generally very bright and comfortable.

The joy of the residents was correspondingly great. 25 of the 35 tenants have already lived in the old settlement and want to continue living here.

Sabine Streitler opened the door to her apartment for VOL.AT.

They could choose an apartment in the new buildings. Before construction began, discussions were held to address the living situation, wishes and needs. Sabine Streitler (60) and her husband were also allowed to choose their new four walls.

“Can’t be compared at all”

Everything is new and barrier-free, Streitler is pleased to tell VOL.AT. There is a “new bathroom and straight floors”. “You can’t compare that to the old apartment,” she says.

The corridor of the apartment is wide enough for a wheelchair.

The apartment is bright and spacious. A new kitchen is to be built behind Streitler, which she is particularly looking forward to.

For the duration of the construction, they were accommodated in an “emergency apartment” in the same settlement, explains Streitler. She would also have received help with the move. “It was just an emergency apartment,” she says.

The bathroom is also barrier-free.

“Now we can do everything new”

The joy when receiving the key was “brutal”. “Now the long wait is over,” she says. “Now we can redo everything.” She is certain that she is looking forward to a new kitchen the most.

The apartment of Streitler and her husband has a great view.

“Is everything nice”

Mira Adjanski also lives in Feldmoos. She comes from the former Yugoslavia and has been living in Bregenz for 50 years. “I’m fine here,” she explains to VOL.AT. In any case, she is looking forward to moving into the new apartment. “It’s all done beautifully and in tip-top shape,” she says. She was “completely satisfied”.

Mira was also allowed to choose a new apartment.

First she decided to move somewhere else and not wait for the new apartment, she tells VOL.AT. But looking back, she’s glad she stayed. The wait was worth it for the new apartment.

Mira in her new living room in Feldmoos.

“Very nice and quiet”

“The environment of living here is very beautiful and quiet and fine,” she clarifies. So she decided to stay. “I’m really happy,” she says. The beautiful view, the large balcony, the elevator, the new garage, everything is great.

Wednesday was a day of celebration for residents.

“A very very good price”

When the plans for the new building became known, not all residents were enthusiastic. They complained that the floor could sink. They also feared that the apartments could become less affordable after the upgrade. “I believe that the complaints, these concerns are justified,” Vogewosi Managing Director Hans-Peter Lorenz told VOL.AT on Wednesday.

“There was a risk because the subsoil was so bad,” Lorenz told VOL.AT. The value for money is “at least as good as in the old apartments,” says Lorenz. A seventy-three square meter three-room apartment costs 730 euros including running costs. In today’s world “a very, very good price” compared to other offers.

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