New commander of the Dornbirn city police

Hans-Peter Schwendinger is the new commander of the Dornbirn city police.

Hans-Peter Schwendinger is the new commander of the Dornbirn city police.
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Hans-Peter Schwendinger is the new chief of the Dornbirn city police.

Hans-Peter Schwendinger has been with the Dornbirn City Police for over 35 years and has been the deputy commander since 2017, reports Mayor Dipl.-Vw. Andrea Kaufmann: “His extensive experience and his outstanding commitment to the Dornbirn city police were convincing. I am very pleased that Hans-Peter Schwendinger will be in charge of the largest community security station in Vorarlberg and I wish him all the best for this responsible task!”

Safety as a criterion for quality of life

Safety is an essential criterion for the quality of life. With the city police, Dornbirn has the largest municipal security station in Vorarlberg. The officers take care of the processing of reports as well as certain security police tasks and traffic monitoring. The local police regulations are also enforced here, such as the ban on alcohol at the train station.

The area of ​​responsibility for the commander

The area of ​​responsibility for the commander is just as diverse: from administrative activities such as organisation, budget planning and classic managerial tasks to the development of security strategies, everything is included. Therefore, the applicants must not only meet the high professional but also personal requirements associated with this management function. Here Hans-Peter Schwendinger fulfills all requirements. He has been the duty security guard officer since 2011. He has been the deputy commander since October 2017 and actively supports the commander in managing the agency. As a part-time job, Hans-Peter Schwendinger also worked as a safety officer for administration. Due to his many years of work as a city police officer, he is very well entrusted with the history, development and strategic orientation of the department. He also knows the diverse management challenges in the existing team of 34 employees.

“Challenge, Joy, Togetherness”

The designated commander describes his new task with a smile in three words: “Challenge, joy, community”. He is already planning to organize the command in the future as part of a “leadership triad” consisting of the commander and the first and second deputy. Particularly noteworthy is the human commitment with which Hans-Peter Schwendinger provides service and honorary posts. He has been a volunteer with the Red Cross for more than 35 years, where he was elected commander of the Dornbirn department in 2005. In 2021, he was awarded the Medal of Merit of the State of Vorarlberg for his leadership quality and his special commitment to working together and working together throughout the organization of the Red Cross.

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