New concept for the botanical public park: no more space for agriculture?

The players in the Botanical Volkspark Blankenfelde want to help shape the future of the facility. To achieve this, they have now founded an association. “City councilor Manuela Anders-Granitzki promised us that if we found an association, we could get a place on the advisory board,” says Max von Grafenstein, who runs the popular cottage garden. “We now hope that that will happen.”

The background is the realignment of the well-known facility in Blankenfelde, which is being sought by local politicians – including a name change. So far, the actors have felt more like garden fence guests.

It’s been a bit different since the weekend – the autumn festival took place in the Botanical People’s Park. “In addition, there were representatives from all the important parties, which we really appreciate,” says Grafenstein.

The community of actors have made it clear that the local cooperation with the district office is going well. “Perspective talks have already been held with everyone who wanted this,” says Grafenstein. However, the most important question is still unresolved: “No lease or room use contracts have been concluded.”

According to Grafenstein, the actors had made it clear to the district that planning security was needed at the beginning of September. “That also affects liquidity issues, there are expenses that will be incurred soon,” says Grafenstein. There are first draft contracts, “but the pace is not what I personally wanted”.

Apparently, the agricultural factor has hardly played a role in the new concept so far

Grafenstein responded positively to the autumn festival statements made by the Pankow local politicians who sit on the park advisory board: “The advisory board emphasized that it is interested in continuing the cooperation with all stakeholders – we have heard that.” However, this commitment must be made now fill it with life.

Specifically, the actors wish “that we are involved in the process of creating the future concept and not only be heard when it is already finished,” says Grafenstein. According to him, a first draft of the concept is already available from the district. “The botanical idea should come to the fore, the public park in the background,” he reports.

The plant collection should be strengthened and also a GDR tradition of bringing school classes to Blankenfelde for educational purposes. “We think that’s great in itself,” says Grafenstein. “But the agricultural character is also important.” The idea behind it is to show the children in Berlin how carrots grow, for example.

The focus on the agricultural factor, which has developed in recent years, is “a major unique selling point” of Blankenfelde. “On the world field, people can see the connections between global world events and their diet,” says Grafenstein. So far, this has not played a major role in the new concept: “It would be important for botany to be thought of together with agriculture and nutrition.”

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