New condition of the Autopilot beta: Tesla will be able to use images linked to a registration in the event of an accident

Tesla has added a new line to the conditions that govern the beta of the fully autonomous driving capability (Autopilot): now, in the event of an accident, the manufacturer reserves the right to use images recorded by the cars.

Is Tesla taking more precautions with the fully autonomous driving capability beta? This is what suggests a discovery shared by Electrek November 23. Thus, the manufacturer has updated the conditions governing this test phase which has been debated for several weeks. Tesla now reserves the right to use images associated with a registration.

« By activating the Fully Autonomous Driving Capability beta, I agree to Tesla recording footage from the exterior and interior cameras, and pairing them with a registration in the event of a serious safety risk or event such as a collision », Now indicates Tesla when we want to launch the beta. This is a measure to better understand accidents involving Autopilot.

Tesla Autopilot // Source: Capture of March 1, 2019

Use images in the event of an accident with Autopilot

Tesla has always used the images stored by the cars it sells, but for the sole purpose of having the resources to develop its technologies from anonymous data. The association with a license plate changes the situation: the company will no longer need to request authorization from an owner to use the images in very specific cases (accidents related to Autopilot).

It’s hard not to see this as a way to calm things down. Since the launch of the beta of the feature preparing for the advent of autonomous driving, Tesla has been in the sights of the authorities because of the dangerousness of its technologies (when they are misused). Just recently, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) expressed concern despite recommendations made in 2017 – recommendations to which Tesla did not respond.

Using more precise images can actually help better understand why an accident happened and if there was a way to prevent it. These images can also prove to be crucial if Tesla is to collaborate with investigators. In recent months, several collisions have been linked directly or indirectly to the Autopilot. With more data available, we should be able to better spot the flaws – if there are flaws.

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