New currency? They popularize the ‘dabloons’ on TikTok; there is already a whole system

In less than 72 hours, Internet users of the social network TikTokthey created a massive fictitious economy, as well as causing it to collapse in that amount of time.

Although originally, the “doubloons” did exist in the Spanish economy, dating back to the 16th century, where worked like gold coins and they were worth around four Spanish dollars or 32 reales.

This currency was associated with piracy and was used to market at that time, the well-known “Pirate Golden Age”; even, she is mentioned in the movies of Pirates of the Caribbean. Doubloons were transported on Spanish ships and were also used to trade things like silks and spices.

Today, they serve as fictitious currency on the Internet, where millions of users They already count their “dabloons” and exchange hundreds of non-existent items.

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It was in 2021 when the original “dabloons” meme surfaced on an Instagram account called @catz.jpeg. It consisted of the image of a cat with its paw fully flexedshowing four of his “fingers” with the legend “4 dabloons”.

This image migrated to Tumblr and TikTok, where a new role-playing game began, involving millions of users. On the platform, variations of the cat and its doubloons were shared, and the legend was added hello travelerwhere an article was offered that would be worth the four daublons.

Thus, depending on the video that appears on your TikTok home, a cat can grant you doubloons or charge you for goods and services, however, there are “pirate” cats that will steal all your dabloons.

Some users save their coins to share them in their videos, hiding the message with the amount of dabloons given.

The fictitious currency itself is used to trade “fake virtual” products, since There are no official stores or external sites that offer their sale.

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However, there are users who are very dedicated to this new economy, and they promote the use of dabloons, as well as explain their imaginary purchases. Still others analyze the “inflation of dabloons”.

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