New design, new functions: Microsoft is releasing the future Outlook as a beta

Office insiders can now officially try out the new Outlook after the first version found its way onto the web a few weeks ago. Microsoft had already announced the project called One Outlook or Project Monarch at the beginning of 2021, but a test version has so far been kept from curious users.

It was already clear beforehand that the new program would be visually based on the web version of the e-mail client. In the presentation that has now taken place, however, Microsoft is concentrating on the newly introduced function, all of which are intended to increase the productivity of the user: The software now integrates the Loop, a whiteboard and collaboration application, which was presented at the end of 2021.

Furthermore, documents and files with an @ can be selected and added as an attachment, provided their names are known – and they are stored in the cloud. If in doubt, Outlook suggests a list of matching files. Previously, only people could be added as recipients with an @.

In addition, the program should remind the user of important e-mails. If it recognizes one as unanswered, it will point this out and pin it to the top of the inbox. If no answer is required, this note can be removed manually. The criteria Outlook uses to identify a message as important is determined by the Microsoft’s announcement not out. If desired, other e-mails can also be pinned to the top of the inbox.

Please answer: Microsoft wants to remind you of lost emails in a friendly way.

Another new function steals from the bad habits of the users: Structuring the day with the new incoming e-mails in the inbox is now explicitly desired. They can be copied into the My Day box for this purpose, with Outlook converting them into to-do lists and calendar entries.

Speaking of the calendar, it gets an individually adaptable view in which users can store any entries. Microsoft had presented this board view However, already in 2021. There are other changes that are already known in detail: For example, it can be specified in invitations whether you will appear at the meeting in person or virtually. Sweep, which deletes or moves e-mails according to rules, will be responsible for cleaning up the inbox in the future.

To try out the new Outlook, users must be using the Beta Channel and at least version 2205. In addition, the preview version cannot be tested with Microsoft accounts. Otherwise, a simple click on an associated button in the upper right corner of the window is sufficient. Then there is also a feedback entry for feedback to the developers in the menu.

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