New Fight Night game reportedly delayed to make way for UFC 5 in summer 2023

Between the publication of their latest financial report and the latest news concerning the FIFA license, Electronic Arts is making the headlines in the video game press this week and it’s not over. Indeed, these are two major combat sports franchises that were mentioned by the independent journalist and insider Tom Henderson.

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The next installment in the UFC saga could arrive in the summer of 2023 and delay the return of Fight Night

This is what Tom Henderson quickly explained through a tweet published yesterday in response to a fan asking if there was anything new about UFC 5. EA notably published the list of game projects planned by next year and there is notably a game with the code name Sports Title.

This is how much speculation has been made about this codename and potential release dates. A racing game developed by Codemasters (WRC?) quickly came to mind or Skate 4, the latter still in development. Nevertheless, if we look at all of the Electronic Arts sports franchises, combat sports occupy a major place through the UFC saga but also Fight Night, the last opus of which dates back to March 2011.

Precisely, we learned last November that a return of the Fight Night license was in the pipeline and we have to believe that the prayers of the players have been heard. Yesterday, Tom Henderson first said that a return of UFC with a fifth installment could be set for the summer of 2023. However, we also learn that the arrival of UFC 5 would have forced teams working on a reboot of Fight Night to put the project on hold. In November 2021, there were some rumors that UFC 5 would potentially release before the next Fight Night and that definitely seems to be the case.

“UFC 5 is scheduled for summer 23 I believe. A Fight Night reboot had to be put on *pause* for that.😭”

The UFC license is the game series officially taken from the famous MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting league and it must be said that the public has been there in recent years. A certain redundancy is nevertheless beginning to be noted by some players so we will have to see what EA can offer with UFC 5 which already seems to be in place. Fans of the genre will nevertheless be happy to learn that English boxing could make a comeback with this reboot of Fight Night which seems less and less hypothetical. Case to follow.

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