New monkeypox cases confirmed in UK – what are human symptoms?

  • Two new cases of monkeypox in Britain proven
  • An infected person is located in the hospital
  • Robert Koch Institute describes possible symptoms

Two more cases of monkeypox have been recorded in the UK, the UK reports Health authority UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) on Saturday (May 14, 2022) with. So there is no context with a recently reported case. The patient caught monkeypox on a trip to Nigeria and then traveled to the UK.

Monkeypox: Robert Koch Institute explains symptoms in humans

The Robert Koch Institute explains that the symptoms in monkeypox Similar to human pox may be. In the case of monkeypox, the experts distinguish between two phases:

Preruptive stage (before breakthrough)

  • Sudden onset of fever (on the second day 38.5 to 40.5 C) with severe headache, back pain, sore throat, cough, feeling unwell and prostration (extreme physical exhaustion), sometimes diarrhea
  • Lymph node swelling often occurs before the onset of the exanthema (skin rash).

eruptive stage

  • The disease usually begins on the first day with typical enanthema (rash in the area of ​​the mucous membranes) and exanthema (inflammatory skin rash) on the face, hands, forearms; centripetal spread over the body with subsequent development of reddening and smallpox-typical uniform efflorescence stages (macula, vesicles, pustules and crusts) within a few days in about 80 percent of patients. In 20 percent polymorphic exanthema similar to varicella. The lesions heal after desiccation and desquamation with scar formation.
  • People who have been vaccinated against smallpox develop fewer lesions than those who have not been vaccinated. Usually biphasic course of fever with the first peak in the first 3 to 4 days of illness, drop to below 38 C and rise again mostly around the 5th/6th day. Day at transition to pustular stage. Ulcerations on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity with pharyngitis and tonsillitis, conjunctivitis with eyelids and very painful lesions in the genital area often appear in unvaccinated people. Blindness and disfiguring scars rarely occur as permanent damage. Severe, fatal hemorrhagic forms are rare.
  • Mild forms with fewer than 10 smallpox lesions have been observed.

UKHSA assesses the risk to the general population as low

The rare viral illness calls according to the UKHSA usually only mild symptoms emerges, but can also lead to serious developments. Only symptomatic patients with close contact are contagious. The authority assesses the risk for the general population as low. Symptoms include, among other things, rashthe first appears on the face and then mainly affects the hands and feet.

In the latest cases are two people from one household affected, according to the health authority. One is being treated in a hospital, the second is in home isolation. Possible contact persons have been informed, it said. It was initially unclear where the two sufferers from Great Britain contracted monkeypox.

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