New OIES report reveals the key numbers of the world of video games in Italy

After talking about the impact of the esports sector in Italy on the occasion of the Round One business event, thanks to a recent research presented by the Italian Esports Observatory and developed by SOPRISM, we discover the key statistics regarding Italian gamersfrom those who play the most between men and women, to the video games preferred by the public.

Research Female Gamers vs Male Gamers, updated in September 2022, it aims to allow brands to clearly identify the current reference target for the gaming sector in Italy. The report shows various interesting data regarding Italian gamers: first of all we understand that, out of the total of 5 million, 1.2 million (24%) are women interested in gaming and 3.8 million (76%) are men. An important difference between the two groups is in the age of use of video games: women who are passionate about gaming are mostly concentrated in the 18-24 age group, while men reach the age of 34.

Among the regions a Veneto stands out for the greatest concentration of passionate male gamers, while for women the main regions are Lazio and Sicily. Lombardy, Campania and Emilia Romagna, on the other hand, are common lands.

What are the segments in common between the two categories? Both are passionate about cinema, music and festivals, they love animals and are interested in new businesses. Turning instead to the differences, segments such as the investor, the enthusiast of outdoor activities and culture are more attributable to the male sphere, while the adrenaline lover, the pro-car (and therefore anti- public transport) and anti-advertising.

From the point of view of preferences on the main video games, the differences between men and women are not so marked, except for some titles such as Fortnite (60% of male gamers are interested, against 46% of female gamers) and FIFA (55% of male gamers against 39% of female gamers). Interestingly, the only video game with a higher percentage of women (56% against 52% of men) is the MMORPG World of Warcraft.

With regard to affinity with streaming platforms, the main difference is manifested on Netflix: 65% of gamers follow the platform, against 50% of the male counterpart. The other platforms they present are balanced, with a slight percentage majority for male gamers.

The social network to which the two categories are more sensitive is WhatsApp, while Snapchat presents an opportunity score (ie the result of crossing the penetration of the target audience, the selectivity and the penetration of the criterion with respect to itself) much higher in women than in men.

The research conducted in collaboration with SOPRISM adds to those already available in the OIES National Esports Study Center, the only database in Italy that collects all the most important data in the esports industry.

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