New patch in Diablo 2 makes it more difficult to delete characters – Protect yourself from stupid mistakes

In Diablo 2: Resurrected there is a new update with a few small changes. One of these changes addresses a bigger issue some players have: deleted characters. At least partially.

This is in the patch: With the new update from October 12th, it is now more difficult to delete your own characters. The whole procedure now requires several steps and accidental deletions should no longer occur.

At least on the Xbox, you have to go into character management to delete a character, then select the deletion via the X button and press and hold another key to press the delete button. Inadvertently, hardly anything can happen here.

The update was released for all platforms (PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch).

Disappearing characters and more server problems

What was the problem? The deletion of the characters apparently happened accidentally to a number of players, especially on the PC. There the button for deleting was just a red X under the characters. A small thread on reddit is just one of many who have surfaced.

Some players clicked it and confirmed without thinking – because they assumed that would end the game. The complaints about it kept coming up. Now that shouldn’t happen too easily.

This is what character deletion looks like on Xbox. After the selection has to be confirmed by holding the A button.

What else does the patch fix? The patch also includes improvements in server performance. In the past, this has meant that characters seem to have disappeared. Whenever a connection to the servers was not possible, the character list was not displayed correctly.

This led players to think their online characters had been deleted, and with it their progression. This has recently been heavily criticized in the community. With the new patch, characters should disappear much less often.

Meanwhile, many fans are still waiting for the first ladder – the Seasons of Diablo 2: Resurrected. These did not come with the release, but should be published “later”. So far there is no new information about it.

The ladder is the reason for veterans in particular to play Diablo 2 at all. The ranking there allows you to compare yourself with other players. We don’t yet know exactly when the ladders will arrive:

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