New “Prince Charming” Fabian (33) – THIS is how my dream man must be!

A protective man’s chest, snow-white teeth, eyes to die for: Fabian Fuchs (33) looks like he’s just stepped out of the Instagram dream world in real life…

The kingdom of “Prince Charming” has a new prince charming: The Berliner is the fourth tie cavalier of the gay dome show!

“You can’t always control where love falls. I’m also willing to enter into a long-distance relationship for my partner,” says Fabian.Photo: Photo: RTL

The Prince works in the management of an internet company and has traveled to six continents and over 30 countries. With 21 single men he is now starting the journey of his life: On Rhodes (Greece) he finally wants to find the man of his dreams.

What does he have to bring? “Humor and a little lightness. I also find it very sexy when men pursue ambitious goals in life.”

“Sportiness is a big plus”

In his free time, Fabian likes hot training for two: “Sportiness for joint activities is also a big plus.” But, Fabian told BILD: “I don’t have a specific type visually.”

But there are probably not enough interested men on gay dating apps and in the colorful capital.

In any case, someone who is serious about Fabian wasn’t there recently, he says: “We have an oversupply of online dating and yet we can’t manage to create relationships from it. On the other hand, in real life I meet great men who just want to stay noncommittal, although I can imagine more.”

The 33-year-old works in the management of an internet company

The 33-year-old works in the management of an internet companyPhoto: Photo: RTL

Fabian’s long-distance relationship went haywire

The Prince reveals to BILD that he has been single for five years. “The relationship lasted about nine months and we realized that the distance in the long-distance relationship is too great,” says the travel friend. “Another relationship failed because my partner fell in love with someone else.”

Shortly before the show, the Berliner got to know a man longer. But: “He wanted to stay single.” A relationship with the gay bachelor was out of the question for his admirer.

For this, the muscle man no longer wipes left and right, but has to collect a candidate’s tie every week.

Whether the new Prince can break the curse of the Charmings – open! Because the fact is: None of the previous winning couples still have the flame of love blazing.

Fabian’s love journey can be seen on RTL+ from autumn.

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