New residential buildings in Feldmoos: the keys were handed over

The keys were officially handed over.  Representatives from Vogewosi, state and city were on site.

The keys were officially handed over. Representatives from Vogewosi, state and city were on site.

The first section of the Feldmoos residential complex in Bregenz was renewed. The keys were handed over to the residents on Wednesday morning.

The Feldmoos settlement in Bregenz has been around for 60 years. The facility was built on bad ground at the time. Over the years it has been partially demolished and rebuilt. The keys were finally handed over to the residents on Wednesday.

Vogewosi Managing Director Hans-Peter Lorenz in front of one of the new buildings.

Houses can no longer be renovated

Together with the city of Bregenz and the state of Vorarlberg, the Vogewosi showed how reconstruction can work. One is always interested in maintaining the apartments as best as possible, explains managing director Hans-Peter Lorenz to VOL.AT. Due to the poor underground conditions, however, an alternative to renovation was unavoidable in this case. From the point of view of the Vogewosi, the old settlement could no longer be renovated, so two new houses were built as a first step. It was worth it, the value of the home has increased enormously.

One of the old buildings on site. Two new ones were built.

Bright, friendly and barrier-free

The “Siedlung Feldmoos” is valued by its residents for their quality of life. This will also be retained with the reconstruction. The spacious park-like green areas with trees and path connections are still a typical feature. The cars go underground in the underground car park with direct elevator access. Where the garages used to be, children will play in the future. The new residential buildings are larger and offer space for more living space, they appear compact with a total height of only three storeys and create significant added value for the residents: Each apartment has its own outdoor area with a spacious loggia. The apartments are modern and comfortable, bright and friendly and of course barrier-free.

The two new residential buildings including underground car park with lift access.

support for residents

The excitement and joy of the residents in Feldmoos when the keys were handed over was great. 25 of the 35 tenants lived in the old Feldmoos settlement and wanted to continue living here. They were offered apartments of their choice in the two new buildings. Good communication with the residents was the most important task in this project for managing director Hans-Peter Lorenz: “We held personal talks with all tenants long before the start of construction and addressed their living situations, wishes and living needs,” he explains. Some wanted to move to another part of Bregenz, others to be closer to their families and many also wanted to stay in Feldmoos.

One of the residents shows her bright new apartment.

Cooperation with city and country

The city of Bregenz worked together with the Vogewosi to quickly find the desired new living space for the residents of the old houses. The right apartments were found unbureaucratically and in close cooperation. Mayor Ritsch is pleased with the high-quality reconstruction of this popular Bregenz residential complex: “It is one of the elementary basic needs of people to have a satisfactory and, above all, affordable home,” he explains.

From the point of view of Provincial Councilor Marco Tittler, an important decision was made for the future of non-profit housing with the reconstruction of the Feldmoos settlement: “Here, the Vogewosi made the best of a difficult situation: a settlement that could no longer be rehabilitated due to the unsafe subsoil, was rebuilt and even expanded,” says Tittler. The residential complex represents a qualitative improvement in the living situation for its residents and is also state-of-the-art in terms of energy technology.

The apartments all have their own outdoor area.

New construction was required

The reconstruction was necessary due to the difficult geological subsoil. The houses were erected in the early 1960s without piloting, and the individual buildings repeatedly suffered from subsidence and tilting. Years of measurements have confirmed that these settlements will continue to advance from a geotechnical point of view. Even a refurbishment according to modern requirements and up-to-date energy standards made neither structural nor economic sense. The new building brings numerous advantages for the residents: “In addition to modern living comfort in bright apartments with large windows, the residents also benefit from savings in energy costs,” explains Lorenz. “The new buildings are energetically up to date, have underfloor heating and there is a photovoltaic system for use for general electricity.”

A kitchenette will soon be built here.

Valuable affordable housing

The first two houses that have now been completed will be followed by four more in the second construction phase. A total of 101 new apartments are being built, the planned completion is 2025/2026. The Vogewosi relies on gentle densification in combination with a tried-and-tested mix of sizes for the apartments. Around 50 percent are two-room apartments, a good third are three-room apartments, and the rest are four- and five-room apartments. “Everything has been brought up to date: architecture, thermal insulation, energy efficiency and apartment layout,” says the managing director. “And of course these apartments will also meet the demands of the Vogewosi for affordable housing.” The rental fee for houses A and B, which will be handed over at the end of November, is an average of 10 euros per square meter.

Rüdisser, Lorenz, Tittler and Ritsch were on site at the new building on Wednesday evening.

From the second construction phase

It is thanks to the intensive exchange with all those involved – the tenants, the project partners, the residents – that this first construction phase went smoothly and that the residents can look forward to moving into the new apartments before Christmas. Chairman of the Supervisory Board Karlheinz Rüdisser: “It was very important to us to work in good agreement with our tenants to find ways that fit their respective life situation and provide them with the best possible support.”

The residents listened intently to the speakers.

Preparations are currently underway for the second construction phase, which will start in spring 2023. The mood is good after the experiences of the last two years: The early and personal contact with the residents as well as the neighbor-friendly construction site of the VOGEWOSI have more than proven their worth.

Residential complex Feldmoos in numbers:

  • Total investment 1st construction phase: 9 million euros
  • Project end 2025/26
  • Construction phase 1: November 2020 to November 2022
  • 35 rental apartments in two buildings
  • Average rent 10 euros/m2

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