New room for schnapps distiller duo

GISINGEN Joachim Walser and Fredi Sieberer have been close friends for over 40 years. “We have already experienced some nice things and implemented projects together,” recalls Sieberer. As a trained plumber and carpenter, you have already built entire apartments. A few years ago the duo wanted to try their hand at the art of distilling schnapps. For this, Walser and Sieberer rescued an old Bertsch boiler distillery, built in 1946, from the scrap metal and began to restore it. The two smiled: “In retrospect it would have been cheaper to buy a new one.” The first brandies were created with a lot of love and passion aroused. At that time the fire was still in the converted carport of Walser.

Completed by mid-2022

When they made room for the offspring of his children, they looked for a new shelter. The groundbreaking ceremony for the new distillery in Sieberer’s garden took place in April of this year. A 66 square meter bungalow is to be built here, creating space for the two new distilleries with a capacity of 120 and 75 liters. “According to the plan, we should be ready by mid-2022, because then the fruit will be delivered,” explains Walser. In addition to two chimneys, a lounge, toilet and heavy-duty rack shelves, it also contains an underground eight-cubic meter tank that collects the burned “mash” and discharges it into the biogas plant. The materials used for the new building largely consist of upcycling: “We use old roof trusses, beams or the like here and build everything ourselves,” says Sieberer. It is noticeably a small project from the heart, what the two reported severance burners are realizing. In future, single-variety brandy will be distilled with fruit from local trees. TAY

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