New routes for Gisinger’s cyclists

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Mayor Peter Stieger on Corona, restrictions and new ways for pedal knights.

GISINGEN bang for the Gisinger meeting point scene: no Advent market, no concerts … the lockdown has the clubs firmly under control. “Now that the restrictions come, a dry spell follows,” says Gisingen’s mayor Peter Stieger. “It remains difficult to motivate yourself.” Stieger sees it as a particular challenge, especially in the social, interpersonal area. “Of course I would like to have our ‘normal life’ again, but that assumes that a certain percentage has been vaccinated,” said the mayor.

“Attractive alternatives”

The traffic situation in Gisingen is also less encouraging, but with a view to a better future. “It is a problem that affects all parliamentary groups,” explains Mayor Peter Stieger. The hotspots are Hämmerlestrasse and, above all, the Bärenkreuzung. However, the cycle path network in Feldkirch is developing positively. The city of Feldkirch is trying to get the traffic away from Noflerstrasse. “This requires attractive, sustainable alternatives,” says Stieger. At the end of September, the city council passed the ordinances on the bicycle streets “Churer Strasse / Liechtensteiner Strasse” and “Stadionstrasse / Am Oberen Riegel / Gatterweg”. On the basis of the bicycle traffic concept, an overall concept for bicycle roads in Feldkirch has been worked out in the past few months, together with the Besch und Partner office from Feldkirch and the Board of Trustees for Road Safety. This provides for a network of several bicycle roads, which represent attractive bicycle connections away from the busy routes.

With speed limit

The aim of the implementation is to enable cyclists to move quickly and safely without excluding motorized traffic. This makes it possible to set up attractive quick bike connections – even where space is limited. “There is a speed limit of 30 km / h on bicycle roads, and cyclists are also allowed to ride side by side, but not willfully obstruct motorized traffic,” explains Stieger.

The markings and signage were then placed in the two bicycle streets. The central sign for this is the road traffic sign “Fahrradstraße” or “Fahrradstraße Ende” at the beginning and end as well as at the intersection of crossing roads. In this context, the cycle roads will be given priority throughout.

• Passage for cars possible

• Access and exit allowed for residents

• Crossing the bicycle road is permitted

• Driving side by side is allowed – no willful hindrance of car traffic

• Pedestrians have the same rights as on other streets

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