New scans suggest Delphine Jubillar’s phone never left the couple’s home

In-depth analyzes of the telephone network make it possible to determine that the most probable hypothesis is that Delphine Jubillar’s telephone probably did not leave the family home on the night of the disappearance. Her husband has always claimed that she went out with her camera.

The judges are always looking for and want to know a little more about the mystery of the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar. While the husband of the missing nurse is to be heard by the magistrates on Friday, new elements, revealed by BFMTV, have just arrived on their desk and allow us to retrace a little more precisely the chronology of this night from December 15 to 16. 2020.

The investigating magistrates worked on the couple’s telephony and in particular Delphine Jubillar’s device, which was never found. If the first investigations carried out by gendarmes specializing in cybercrime established that this telephone was limited within a radius of 2 kilometers that night, the investigating judges wanted to refine this perimeter in an attempt to trace the movements of the young woman.

An area covering the couple’s home

New analyzes, entrusted to three computer experts near the Toulouse Court of Appeal, confirm the first analysis of the gendarmes. With a non-negligible precision in their report delivered on September 9: this telephone would not have left an area covering only the surroundings of the residence where the Jubillars lived.

An element that is all the more intriguing since Cédric Jubillar has always claimed that his wife had left their house that evening to take the dogs out, taking her phone with her.

Other sectors were tested, going as far as the Cagnac-les-Mines cemetery, located nearly 2 kilometers from the Jubillar’s home. None of these points are among the places likely to position Delphine Jubillar’s phone. The investigators qualify their results, however, explaining that the architecture of the network today is no longer the same as in 2020.

In addition, the experts have determined that the telephone, between 10:26 p.m., the time at which Delphine Jubillar watches television with her son, and 7:48 a.m., the time at which they were definitely gone, was never out of network coverage. It has never been turned off and it has never been put into airplane mode.

A stationary phone

No “network event”, was also noticed, which means that the phone remained immobile. Elements which therefore suggest that the device has not left the house.

Investigators already knew that the device was activated or activated several times that night: connecting to WhatsApp at 00:09, activating the camera at 1:33 or triggering the interface at 00:07, 1:34 and 6:52. This is this last activation which interests the magistrates since at that time, on December 16, 2020, Cédric Jubillar was at his home in the presence of the gendarmes.

Was Delphine Jubillar’s phone in front of them? Is Cédric Jubillar at the origin of this final unlocking, taking advantage of a moment when the gendarmes left the house to carry out an inspection on the vehicle of the disappeared? It is impossible today to precisely time stamp this moment.

Delphine Jubillar’s lover evokes “many disputes”

Still, the latest hearings of witnesses by the investigating judges confirm the climate of tension that reigned within the couple, since the summer preceding the disappearance of the young woman. “From the month of July, I did not observe peaceful moments”, recalled Anne, the best friend of Delphine Jubillar, describing the “schemes” mounted by Cédric Jubillar since the announcement made by his wife of want to divorce.

“He does everything to make her life hell,” the young woman told the judges last June.

Before a final attempt to win her back. At that time, Cédric Jubillar tries to geolocate his wife. “It created a huge dispute between them”, testified the lover of Delphine Jubillar. “There were many arguments.”

Melanie Vecchio and Cecile Ollivier

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