New Silent Hill rumors: Sony and Bloober Team have struck a major deal

Sony and Bloober Team have apparently made a deal with each other. It is said that this is a “significant licensing and distribution agreement” that is now reviving possible Silent Hill rumors surrounding Bloober Team.

Although the studio, which has been responsible for games such as Layers of Fear, Observer and most recently The Medium in the past, has already denied working on Silent Hill in 2021, the speculation continues. Just in the last few days, images from an alleged Silent Hill leak have appeared on the web and now someone has one via ResetEra Contract between Sony and Bloober Team divided.

It is not yet clear in detail what is involved the contract between the two parties, but there’s been a theory that the deal could be related to Sony’s revamped PS Plus subscription service, which the company plans to launch next month.

Now, of course, the Sony Bloober deal fits in well with the alleged leak from insider Dusk Golem, who hinted that a new SH part could be unveiled soon. The Internet is now speculating that Sony could have secured the exclusive day-one rights to the new psychological horror game.

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Maybe the deal just “just” refers to Bloober’s previous repertoire, which hasn’t always been a box-office success, but was at least extensive. Nothing has been officially announced yet.

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