New star lawyer – SHE wages Meghan’s war with the Royals

Can SHE make Meghan popular with the British again?

The British lawyer Jenny Afia is the new representative of Meghan Markle (40). She works for the prestigious London law firm “Schillings”. before court she represents the Duchess in data protection and copyright cases against the “Mail on Sunday”. Before the Camera she now clears up all rumors about the wife of Prince Harry (37).

With the permission of the Duchess, Afia Meghan is now defending in the new BBC documentary “The Princes and the Press” (in German: “The Princes and the Press”). After Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding, there were repeated allegations that the Duchess was bullying her employees. Afia makes it clear: “She is certainly not to blame for the bullying allegations. It’s just not true that it is difficult. As a boss, she is neither demanding nor exhausting. The claim that they all fired immediately is not true. ”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in New York in early November

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in New York in early NovemberFoto: Getty Images

Can the star lawyer restore the Duchess’s image? In February she won a great victory in court. A judge in London ruled that a letter Meghan sent privately to her father should not have been published by the Daily Mail. The Duchess was very grateful for Afia’s “indispensable support”.

Afia has already received several professional awards, in 2008 she received the British Legal Award in the “Young Lawyer of the Year” category, and in 2013 she was one of the top 35 women entrepreneurs under 35 years of age. At “Schilings” she heads the entertainment department. In other words, your customers are all rich and famous. Johnny Depp (58), Adele (33), Madonna (63) and Sir Elton John (74) are just a few of their VIP clients.

The BBC documentary, which excited the British royal family, shows the complex relationship between Prince William (39) and Prince Harry with the media. Striking: Although friends and acquaintances of the royal emigrant couple have their say, the sources from Prince Williams’ team remain unnamed.

One accusation weighs particularly heavily: In the approximately one-hour film (part two will be released next week) it is indicated in several places that negative information about Harry and his wife Meghan was spread by an informant from Williams’ team.

For more than two years quarreling: Prince Harry and Prince William

For more than two years quarreling: Prince Harry and Prince WilliamPhoto: WireImage

Buckingham Palace distances itself from the documentary with a clear statement:

“A free, responsible and open press is vital to a healthy democracy. Too often, however, it is exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims from unnamed sources that are presented as facts, and it is disappointing when anyone, including the BBC, gives them credibility. ”

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