New Steam update implements Joy-Con support

Only this year Valve have theirs own handheld console, the Steam Deck, published and with great success. We put the device through its paces and were quite satisfied. Just recently, a new Steam update made it possible to use the original N64 controller for Steam games. Official support for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons has now been announced.

New Steam update implements Joy-Con support

In fact, Joy-Cons have worked with PCs for years. However, their functionality was limited and the setup was relatively complicated. But that’s over now, a new Steam update makes it possible to use the Nintendo Switch controllers both together and separately.

How to use Joy-Cons for Steam games?

Since the update is currently still in the beta phase is located, you must first register for it. To do this, click on the “Steam” lettering in the top left of the Steam Launcher and then on “Settings”. There you can select the latest beta update under “Beta Participation” and then restart the client. In addition to participating in the beta program, you will need one active Bluetooth connectionto connect the Joy-Cons. If your mainboard is not Bluetooth-enabled, you will need a suitable adapter. You can already buy them for less than 10 euros.

Which controllers can be used on Steam?

Steam supports all possible input devices. Here is a list of the most popular controllers:

  • Steam controller
  • Playstation 4 controller
  • Xbox 360 controller
  • Xbox One controller
  • Nintendo 64 controller
  • Nintendo Joy-Con (Beta Update)

Also, most are Steering wheels and flight sticks Compatible with Steam. One You can find the full list on the official Steam page. What is your favorite controller and will you be using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons on Steam? Tell us in the comments!

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