New technology from Harman detects driver stress

Soon the new cars will be able to detect the driver’s mood and if you are paying enough attention to driving thanks to a new technology produced by Harman and known as “Ready care“. The new system, expected as an OEM technology, will integrate a number of features such as “Eyes and Mind on Road”, “Stress-free Routing” and personalized experiences through machine learning. The latter is the one that will be able to detect driving stress and, in particular, the attention span. Harman says Ready Care is also the only system that measures both the driver’s eye activity and mood; a IR camera it will observe the driver’s face to provide data on “real-time data on facial expressions, gaze, eyelid openings and more”.

Plus, Harman’s distraction feature will measure the “cognitive load”; Harman says he will be able to measure “when the driver is mentally distracted and can initiate multiple and simultaneous responses to the vehicle’s intervention in the cockpit.” Harman’s system will also separate driving activities from others distractions to help you stay focused on the road. Harman has not yet highlighted how the software will be able to read stress levels, but we doubt it will interact with cortisol levels. Instead, let’s assume the same machine learning system He will “read” the expressions in search of forms of stress.

Finally, the system will use theautomatic learning to create “customized intervention strategies” that will be adapted to the driver and the way he drives. Harman said the system will be ccompatible with any car; we just have to wait to observe the first additions to the work.

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