New traffic jam in Berlin: what the backlog at the triangle radio tower has to do with BSR vehicles that are too heavy

Because the BSR gritting vehicles are too heavy for the crossing from the A100 (direction Neukölln) to the A115, there are traffic jams at the Dreieck Funkturm in wintry road conditions. Then the crossing there is blocked due to the risk of ice. Motorists who wanted to drive here on the Avus have repeatedly had to experience this since last Friday.

According to one RBB report the traffic jam on Tuesday morning stretched back to the A111, meaning that the Tegel tunnel had to be closed temporarily.

The reason for the traffic jams is bizarre, as the RBB report and information from the traffic information center (VIZ) shows: the BSR’s winter service vehicles weigh at least 18 tons, but the crossing is only permitted for vehicles up to 3.5 tons.

A special permit to drive on the crossing, which the BSR received for years, was no longer granted this year. However, the city cleaning department does not have any lighter vehicles that are suitable for the motorway.

The Autobahn GmbH responsible is now in talks with other clearing companies that have lighter winter service vehicles. the Traffic information center recommends meanwhile, a detour via the Messedamm exit and the Halenseestrasse ramp. Alternatively, drivers can continue to the Kurfürstendamm exit and turn around.

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