new ways at "NCIS: Los Angeles": First horror, now sci-fi

The fans still have to do without Hetty. That Covid-19 virus is still the reason why actress Linda Hunt should be brought little or not at all to the set. Of course, health comes first.

But the viewers can always look forward to new genres. The current season, which runs in the USA on CBS, tries to do this again and again. So the third episode was very horror-heavy, after all the killer sewed on in it human skins hereabouts.

The latest episode, on the other hand, drifts into science fiction: Genetically modified weapons, super soldiers and even a cyborg were the focus of this somewhat aloof episode. The latter exposed Fatima as an agent in the midst of a group of fanatics, but she was able to cleverly talk her way out of it. Herman the cyborg even helped her catch the killer.

It is obvious that the creators are always breaking new ground and trying to keep the series fresh in the 14th season. The quotas in the USA are still acceptable. Parent series “NCIS” recently even landed on the #1 fictional series on US television.

In Germany, too, the new episodes are still being shown on free TV. Sat.1 is currently showing the outstanding episodes of season 13 – every Tuesday at 9:15 p.m.

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