New World: Error on the part of Amazon grants players utopian sums of gold

Recently, Amazon’s MMO featured New World a couple of issues with servers jumping a few months into the future. As a result, auctions ended, cities were attacked but could not be defended, and so on.

Amazon held a maintenance job today, which players reimbursed their lost talers. Territory-owned guilds were given talers to rebuild their city, taxes on home ownership were refunded, and more.

Amazon distributes utopian sums of gold

It looks like some players got a lot more gold than they should have gotten. In the official forums of the title, the user Gizmoe writes that he may Received gold from a player who took advantage of one of the past gold dupes.

Gizmoe received an impressive 130,000 thalers, which cannot be explained by the gold reimbursements. Another player received 70,000 thalers, and Gizmoe himself claims that some players in his circle of acquaintances received a total of 400,000 gold.

In one another thread players report the same problem. The discussion quickly turned to today’s maintenance work, and community manager Tosch confirmed a few hours ago that that these are actually false thaler compensations:

“Due to our current investigations into false thaler offsets, which started today on EU Central, we are waiting for the introduction for all other regions until the problem has been solved.”

Due to the millions of gold that are now also in circulation, the economy on some servers has been thrown off course again. Items in the auction house are completely bought up because players have a very high capital.

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