New York comes back from behind

Yankee players
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Chen the result was on the wire, two wild pitches from Puerto Rican Alexis Diaz allowed DJ LeMahieu to have a happy birthday by ringing in the run in the Yankees’ 7-6 win over the Cincinnati Reds.

In the tenth roll, LeMahieu appeared at second base because of the automatic runner rule in extra innings and advanced to third on Diaz’s first wild pitch. One pitch later, history repeated itself and the pitch to the ground opened the celebrations for LeMahieu’s 34th birthday and the Bronx Bombers’ 62nd victory.

It was the 11th game the Yankees won by leaving their opponent on the field, the most in MLB.

The day started black for the whole of the big apple when their starter Luis Severino hit three consecutive home runs. On June 9 Gerrit Cole suffered the same dose. It is the third time in franchise history that two pitchers have agreed back to back to back.

The Yankees’ defensive errors and timely hits in the bottom of the third inning allowed them to take a 5-4 lead on the scoreboard. However, in the opening of the fifth chapter, the Reds made two more runs, with which they took the lead.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, Giancarlo Staton leveled the score again with a solo homer, his 23rd of the season.

Already in additional innings, the lack of control of Díaz, offered a night of celebrations.

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