News from November 23

Gang violence – Jerzy Sarnecki: “We have a wave of young criminals”

Three teenagers re-arrested on suspicion of the murder in Sätra

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In the clip, criminologist Jerzy Sarnecki answers three questions about why young people end up in crime. Photo: Malin Hoelstad

A-tractors drive bush where trotting horses are trained: “Near a head-on collision”

Worried trotting trainer in Hudiksvall: “Come with a broad lead through the curve”

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Linda Wretman was close to a head-on collision with an A-tractor while training a trotting horse. Photo: Barbro Sellin SVT

The big lift in Sandviken – new pedestrian and cycle bridge in place

Has been built in Poland

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Today, the new pedestrian and bicycle bridge was lifted into place over the E16 in Sandviken. Photo: MIkael Johansson/SVT

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