News from the day: 1 August

Eafter the fatal shooting in Vivalla – difficult to get witness information

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The police are having difficulty getting witness information after this weekend’s fatal shooting in Vivalla. – There is a culture of silence, says Mattias Forssten, head of the Örebro local police area. Hear more in the video. Photo: Johannes Weckström / SVT

The police chief: “There is a culture of silence”

Pig transport in the ditch south of Kumla

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Some of the pigs could be reloaded for other transports. Photo: Christian Vargahed

Eight pigs died after the accident

YNorwegian fishermen ahead of the crayfish premiere: “Looks better than last year”

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Professional fishermen Magnus and Casper Johansson believe in a good crayfish season – Magnus tells more in the clip. Photo: Jonas Fiskaare / SVT

The fisherman Magnus believes in a great year

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