News from the day: 19 September

• Sanctions against Venezuela led to increased stench in Malmö – 3000 complaints received

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Where does the stench that thousands of people have complained about in Malmö actually come from? Environmental inspector Håkan Karlström jumped on his bike and with his nose as a weapon he found out about it. Photo: Raphaelle Sisask/SVT

• The political scientist: “Probable with continued alliance rule in the region”

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Political scientist Anders Sannerstedt predicts that the bourgeois four-leaf clover will continue to rule the Scania region for another four years. Hear more in the clip. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT/Linda Ekström/SVT

• One year after Lars Vilk’s death – then he shall be praised

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See the interview with Anneli Sjöborg, head of culture in Höganäs municipality, about the memorial day for Lars Vilks. Photo: Bernard Mikulic/ SVT

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