News from the day 20 September

• The suspected man is to be prosecuted for the contagion accident in Sandarne

The teenage boy was in a coma after the accident – Prosecutor: Charges are justified

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Come along to the crime scene in Sandarne and hear about the police’s theory about how the accident happened. Photo: Stefan Larsson/SVT

• The SD logo is thrown in the garbage at the children’s homework in Ockelbo

SD: Schools must be apolitical – The headmaster: A mistake

SD’s blizzard is thrown into a trash can in the Ockelbo students’ homework. Photo: Private / Arbetarbladet

• Media profile retires after 41 years as a police officer

Mikael Hedström, police spokesperson: “It’s been a really nice time”

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The last day of a long police career – join us as media profiler Mikael Hedström cleans out the office on his way to retirement. Photo: Rikard Berglin / SVT

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