News from the day: 20 September

The cross touches two boxes – then the person’s voice may be incorrect

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Here is an example of a personal vote which, according to SVT’s source, was not approved. “It must not go into another box,” says Ulla Bäckekihl at the county administrative board in Västra Götaland. Photo: SVT/Private

Woman in her 80s raped – young guy in Dals-Ed charged

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Start the clip to hear Daniel Edsbagge, prosecutor in the case, tell about the evidence they have secured that ties the 16-year-old to the crime. Photo: TT/Press photo

The support’s million-dollar gift to the clubs: “Fire for sport”

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Company leader Björn Roslöv died in the aftermath of covid-19 and has bequeathed SEK 30 million to youth sports in Gothenburg. Photo: Private/TT

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