News from the day: 21 November

• Despite the new law – few young gang criminals are sentenced to foot shackles and house arrest

“Most of the people who have been sentenced do not have that connection” • So many in the county have received the punishment

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After almost two years, the law on youth supervision does not seem to be used for young people on their way to gang crime, according to Maria Svantesson, national coordinator for youth supervision, the Prison Service. Photo: Helena Boman Brodie/SVT

• The city of Stockholm ill-prepared for persistent snowfall: “It really doesn’t want to stop”

About ten snow removal machines have broken down

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Start the clip to hear Malinda Flodman explain why preparedness is lacking in the event of persistent snowfall. Photo: SVT

• Shooting in industrial area – four people arrested

Tried to escape • Police fired warning shots

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