News from the day: 23 September

• Young man shot dead in Kristianstad – linked to criminal networks

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During the night of Friday, a young man was shot to death at Gamlegården in Kristianstad. In the clip, you hear SVT’s reporter Ivan Loftrup-Ericson, on location in Kristianstad, tell about the incident and how residents react to what happened. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT and SVT

• The secret battle within the Shade Party – fake emails and lies

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This is how the former Riksdag candidate from the Nyans Party reacts when they see the email exchange. Photo: SVT/Linda Ekström

• The emergency services use environmentally hazardous car scrap – while the municipality tries to stop it

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The municipality of Staffanstorp hires scrap cars when the emergency services have exercises. At the same time, the environmental administration believes that the car scrap was mismanaged and has damaged the environment. Photo: SVT

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