News from the day: 4 August

• Wanngård (S) on Ygeman’s statements: “Critical of introducing ethnicity as a selection”

Want to see other solutions to segregation in Stockholm

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Hear opposition councilor Karin Wanngård (S) criticize party colleague Anders Ygeman’s statements. Photo: Jenny Stjernström/SVT

• Father of small children was arrested at Arlanda – had 25 million in the municipality’s waste bags

See images from the police investigation

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Hear in the clip how it happened when the father of a small child from Södertälje was arrested at Arlanda. Photo: Siri Lallerstedt/SVT/Police’s preliminary investigation

• Here, Ukrainian children learn to sail a dinghy

30 Ukrainian children at dinghy school – “Difficult to keep balance”

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– The big challenge has been the language, says Fredrik Norén, general secretary at the Cruiser Club. Hear more and see some of the children try their hand at the sailing school in the clip above. Photo: Aida Arslanovic/SVT

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