News from the day: August 5

See the devastation after the storm – Örebro municipality brings in extra staff

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Stefan Forsell and his colleagues at Örebro municipality have plenty of work after the storm. Among other things, a tree fell over a building belonging to Hovstaskolan. Photo: SVT/Kristofer Ström

Working feverishly to reveal: “Feels like something we’ll have to get used to”

Destroyed flower planting in Karlskoga

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Monika Jern is a project coordinator at the park department in Karlskoga and doesn’t think those who destroy know what work is behind the floral display. Hear more in the video. Photo: Fanny Hult / SVT

The project coordinator: “I get sad, disappointed and angry”

30th anniversary of the antique fair in Askersund

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Hear Eric Lind tell about the difference between a normal flea market and an antiques fair Photo: Fanny Hult/SVT

Market table measures a kilometer – Long awaited comeback

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