Next step for community development

Numerous citizens from Weiler used the planning workshop and found out about the results of previous activities for the future development plan
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The results of previous activities on the future development plan were recently presented in the Montfort Hall in Weiler.

hamlet. The future of the Vorderland community has been discussed in Weiler for some time now, and after evaluating the wishes and needs of the population, the results were presented in a planning workshop.

mood of the population

After an initial picture of the mood among the population of Weiler about the future of the village was queried in the working groups, at a joint hock or via the online survey in the past weeks and months, last week we went together in the planning workshop Depth. The integrated spatial planning office clearly presented the results of previous activities and the future of Weiler was presented in various stations.

Preserve, change and prevent

One of the three stations was about “preserving” – what should definitely be preserved in Weiler. Another station was entitled “Change” – what should be changed in Weiler in the future and the last station was about “Prevention” – what should be prevented in Weiler. The visitors in the Montfort Hall were able to obtain extensive information and subsequently add additions, requests and suggestions to the respective topics. In addition, a series of pictures also provided exciting and innovative ideas on how Weiler could actively and comprehensively change in the area of ​​climate change and society.

REP completion by the end of the year

During the planning workshop, interesting conversations and discussions took place both between the visitors and with the employees of the planning office. By the end of the year, the wishes and ideas will be evaluated and summarized in order to define goals and complete the REP process. MIMA

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