"Next to the plate": Roussel and Rossignol taunt Piolle after the authorization of the burkini in swimming pools in Grenoble

“Crétins”, “next to the plate”, “the French are fed up”: Laurence Rossignol and Fabien Roussel strongly criticized this Wednesday the decision of Éric Piolle to authorize the wearing of the burkini in the municipal swimming pools in Grenoble.

After Taha Bouhafs, the burkini? Since the various left-wing parties came together under the label of the New Popular Ecologist and Social Union (Nupes), claiming a “historic” agreement, divisions have appeared.

Latest dissension to date: the wearing of the burkini in municipal swimming pools, authorized in Grenoble after a tight vote in the municipal council on Monday. This decision by the ecologist mayor Éric Piolle arouses many criticisms. And the bullets are not fired only by the right or the extreme right.

“He fell into a trap”

“But what a moron”, reacted Laurence Rossignol, the socialist vice-president of the Senate, this Wednesday morning on France 2considering that the Isérois city councilor is “next to the plate” and that this measure “unquestionably pollutes the countryside”.

“It’s not a feminist decision, it’s political associations that carry it, he fell into a trap,” she added.

This decision is notably supported by Alliance Citoyenne, an association bringing together several unions and at the origin of punch actions to campaign in favor of the wearing of the burkini in Grenoble swimming pools since 2019.

guest ofEuropean 1, Fabien Roussel went in the direction of Laurence Rossignol. The national secretary of the Communist Party thus accused Éric Piolle of making the burkini “a national affair”.

“The French are fed up with being told about this when they would like to be told about solutions for their purchasing power”, completed the cantor of “happy days”, taking up a refrain sung throughout of his campaign for the last presidential election.

On FranceInfohis former campaign manager and deputy mayor of Paris, Ian Brossat, preferred to direct his attacks towards opponents of Nupes, rather than the mayor of Grenoble.

“It was not Éric Piolle who decided to make it a major national debate, it was a certain number of people, in particular on the right, on the far right, including in the government with Mr. Darmanin, who decided to make it a big topic of controversy,” he explained.

Quoting Gérald Darmanin, Ian Brossat was referring to the decision on Tuesday by the Minister of the Interior to “instruct the prefect to refer to” secularism “, the deliberation allowing the wearing of the” burkini “and, if necessary , to request its withdrawal”.

This same Tuesday, Julien Bayou, national secretary of the Greens, gave his support to Éric Piolle. “It’s legal, it’s in accordance with the rule of law, don’t mind it, it has nothing to do with secularism,” he said. France Inter. And the candidate for the legislative elections in the 5th district of Paris to indicate that he “wishes that Muslim women can exercise their religion, bathe and that they undergo fewer injunctions to dress or undress”.

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