Nextcloud files an antitrust complaint against Microsoft

The German software company Nextcloud has applied to the Federal Cartel Office to check whether Microsoft has a dominant market position. Company founder Frank Karlitschek announced this on Friday, confirming a report by the news magazine The mirror. Nextcloud competes with Microsoft products such as Office 365, OneDrive, Azure and Teams.

The Stuttgart company’s complaint now states that the US group is using its power to sell package solutions for Microsoft Office. The Teams cooperation platform also has a significant market share, as does the OneDrive cloud solution.

The complaint is primarily directed against the deep integration of the cloud. Nextcloud argues that the service is regularly displayed to users of the widespread Microsoft Windows operating system during relevant work steps.

The complaint goes on to say that Microsoft has created a “unique digital ecosystem across several strategically important markets in the digital sector”. This leads to a “difficult to attack position of Microsoft for competitors”. Complainant Nextcloud works, among other things, for the federal government and its federal cloud.

“Microsoft is abusing its Windows monopoly to push its own cloud services into the market,” Karlitschek told Spiegel. In the current cartel debate about a possible abuse of supremacy in the market of the large Internet corporations, companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple have so far been the focus.


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