Nezha S officially launched, with a total of 8 new models and cooperation with BlackBerry

Nezha S is officially launched for sale, including extended-range electric models Nezha S 1160 large version, Nezha S 1160 medium version, Nezha S 1160 small version; four-wheel-drive track models Nezha S Yaoshi version, Nezha S 650 four-wheel drive Nezha S 715 LIDAR version, Nezha S 715 large version, Nezha S 715 Chinese version, a total of eight models, the official guide price is 199,800 yuan to 338,800 yuan.

Nezha S is positioned as a “sporty smart coupe”, providing two power types: extended-range electric and pure electric. The total cruising range of the extended-range CLTC working condition is 1,160km (including 310 km of the extended-range pure electric CLTC working condition), and the CLTC working condition The pure electric range is up to 715km. As a B+ class sports smart coupe, the launch of Nezha S further enriches and improves the product lineage of Nezha automobile family, helps Nezha automobile enter the new era of brand 2.0, and opens the door to a new milestone. new chapter. Users can make vehicle reservations through the official APP, official website and national sales outlets of Nezha Auto. It is worth mentioning that the Nezha S 520 standard battery life model will be released in 2023, so stay tuned.

Nezha S adopts the design of “technology integration and extreme dynamic aesthetics”. Through the proportion of the body of the classic coupe and the lower visual center of gravity of the whole vehicle, the whole vehicle shows a relaxed and balanced and aggressive attitude between light, shadow and lines, and brings The ultimate beauty. Thanks to the high expandability of the Shanhai platform, the Nezha S has a length, width and height of 4980mm*1980mm*1450mm and a wheelbase of 2980mm, achieving a super-large aspect ratio of 1.36 at the same level. While creating a pure coupe attitude , and also contributes extremely luxurious rear space for the interior occupants. Coupled with a drag coefficient as low as 0.216Cd, Nezha S achieves a perfect fusion of aerodynamic performance and aesthetic design. At the same time, as an emotional expression of the vehicle design, Nezha S is equipped with a “Fengrui” lamp language system composed of 275 Led lamp beads in the whole vehicle, which shines brightly and creates a variety of dynamic visual effects.

Nezha S offers two types of power options: extended-range electric and pure electric models. The total cruising range of the extended-range CLTC operating condition is 1160km (of which the extended-range pure electric CLTC operating condition has a range of 310 km), and the pure electric cruising range of the CLTC operating condition is up to 715 km. Either version can meet the needs of daily commuting, freeing users from the mileage anxiety of long-distance travel. Based on the technical blessing of “Tiangong Battery”, Nezha S shows superior super-running performance. Through the highly integrated design of super protection, efficient and intelligent constant temperature thermal management system, and closed-loop battery life cycle management system, Nezha S It fully solves the user’s pain points in terms of safety, battery life and life, and realizes full-time protection for 365 days.

In order to bring more driving fun in the electric age to users, Nezha S is equipped with a luxurious high-performance sports chassis with front double wishbone independent suspension and rear five-link independent suspension. With excellent hardware and solid adjustment , 470mm ultra-low center of gravity, 50:50 front and rear axle load ratio, giving the vehicle a wide, ready attitude. These efforts have also allowed the Nezha S to remain competent in the face of the elk test, with a passing speed of 80km/h, bringing users a sports car-level control experience. In addition, the Nezha S four-wheel drive track model has an acceleration time of only 3.9 seconds from 000 km/h, entering the 3-second club. The surging power and track-level driving pleasure show the high-performance characteristics of a coupe.

Among them, the third-generation Snapdragon cockpit platform 8155 chip used in the NETA SPACE intelligent cockpit system of Nezha S is currently the leading cockpit solution in the industry. Come to a smooth, delicate and vivid intelligent cockpit operation experience. On the one hand, it can realize the smooth experience of 17.6-inch ultra-thin 2.5K central control screen, AR-HUD augmented reality head-up display system, 12.3-inch co-pilot exclusive audio-visual screen, and 13.3-inch hidden instrument panel in the cockpit; on the other hand, it can also achieve a smooth experience. More futuristic and technologically advanced AI intelligent gesture recognition control, 720° Nezha custom surround sound, Nezha AI voice assistant, 1.9㎡ panoramic thermal insulation canopy and many other vehicle control functions, as well as executive-level seat ventilation , heating, massage and memory functions are also readily available. Nezha S creates a smarter, safer, smarter and more entertaining cockpit experience for users through the integration of sound, light, and touch sensory experience.

Nezha S is equipped with a comprehensive and powerful assisted driving system, which provides two options: NETA PILOT 3.0 and NETA PILOT 4.0. Among them, the hardware and functions of the full-stack self-developed NETA PILOT 3.0 will become the standard configuration of the whole system. The NETA PILOT 3.0 intelligent driving assistance system is equipped with 5 millimeter-wave radars and 11 cameras, which can realize various intelligent driving assistance functions such as NNP Nezha high-speed pilot assistance and NTP Nezha memory parking.

The NETA PILOT 4.0 intelligent driving assistance system application can realize the Huawei MDC610 computing platform with a high computing power of 200TOPS, using 2 solid-state lidars, 5 millimeter-wave radars, 11 assisted driving cameras (including 2 forward-facing 8M cameras, 4 surround view cameras) camera, 5 peripheral cameras), 12 ultrasonic sensors, high-precision positioning unit and high-precision map and other hardware, on the basis of NETA PILOT 3.0, it can realize NCP Nezha city navigation assistance, and truly achieve coverage of high-speed, urban, parking and other actual needs in many scenarios.

Nezha Motors officially announced that Nezha Motors has recently established a partnership with BlackBerry. In the future, the two parties will accelerate the application of intelligent technology in car driving and car cockpit scenarios. According to the content of the cooperation, Nezha S will be equipped with the BlackBerry QNX system, a sports smart coupe owned by Nezha Auto. Among them, the Nezha S cockpit uses the highly reliable QNX Neutrino RTOS and QNX Hypervisor, which can perfectly support and expand various applications of the super-sensing interactive cockpit. Nezha S NETA PILOT 3.0 intelligent driving system will also be equipped with QNX OS for Safety. The system has obtained ISO26262 ASIL D functional safety level certification. It is an industry-leading embedded basic software development platform, and its safety strength is self-evident. The application of the BlackBerry QNX system will ensure the functional safety, network security and reliability of Nezha S, bringing users a worry-free intelligent driving experience.

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