NFL: The campaign is set up between Santos and Buccaneers

During the third quarter of the game between Tampa Bay Buccaneers Y new orleans saintsthe bell was unleashed, after Mike Evans dealt a tremendous blow to Marshon Lattimore after confronting Leonard Fournette and quarterback Tom Brady.

Evans’ hit sparked a pitched brawl between the two teams that ended with both players being sent off for the remainder of the match. Regarding subsequent disciplinary measures, the NFL has not commented on it.

This is not the first time that these two have starred in a fight, since in 2017 in another meeting between divisional rivals, Jameis Winston, then Tampa’s quarterback, claimed Lattimore, to which the defender responded with a shove.

Santos and Buccaneers set up the campaign

Seconds later, Mike Evans came like a missile to hit the defender in the back, an action that resulted in a fight on the bench for the Buccaneers, who trailed 30-3 in the third quarter.

Last Sunday’s game corresponding to Week 2 of the National Football League, ended 20-10 in favor of the Tampa Buccaneers from Caesars Superdome in New Orleans.

Tom Brady was one of the instigators of the brawl that led to two ejections, but then he was responsible for sending the touchdown pass to Breshad Perriman, which meant the advantage for the Buccanneers to beat the Saints.

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Tom Brady caused the bell

NFL: The campaign is set up between Santos and Buccaneers

NFL: The campaign is set up between Santos and Buccaneers

Brady, who had lost four straight regular-season games to the Saints, struggled again through the first three quarters of this acrimonious matchup between NFC South teams.

Brady’s frustration was evident when the camera showed him throwing a tablet into the dugout area. And after an incomplete pass on third down early in the fourth quarter, Brady yelled something at Lattimore.

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