Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is studded with bots

In addition to having raised a very controversial aspect related to cryptocurrencies, Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is being stormed by bots. The situation is quite worrying: due to the entry queues and the waits, almost no user who really wants to play the Level-5 title and Netmarble cannot actually log in, and is forced to wait hours and hours before starting a single. match.

The criticisms of the new game of Ni No Kuni later rose when the developer Netmarble would announce his solution to this problem. The introduction of a pass, from 7.99 euros, which would allow players to be able to skip the line. A solution that obviously did not go down for many users, especially considering that it is a monthly subscription. A signal intended as a predatory practice, aimed at earning even more from users, despite being a game with a free to play nature.

The reasons behind the many bots that storm the new game’s Ni No Kuni are to be sought, of course, in cryptocurrencies. The game is in fact based on a real digital currency and many users have found the ball to be able to farm better. All this, however, creating an inconvenience to anyone who wants to play the new title, who now finds himself unable to access, except of course waiting for hours and hours of waiting or paying for the pass by subscription.

The situation is not particularly good. Negative reviews multiply on ResetEra, as well as on Twitter. Many criticize all aspects of monetization, as well as the proximity to the world of NFTs. The blockchain and web 3.0 associated with video games has always been a highly criticized aspect, with various problems and various controversies, which have also prompted some realities to turn around after the public opinion has welcomed certain projects of this kind in a cold and with various criticisms.

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