Nico makes us fall in love with an amazing cosplay of Nelliel from Bleach

Within cosplay, we can find endless versions of versions, especially if it is a popular character within anime or video games, this is where we come in in search of the best among the best to bring it to you, like this That long-awaited moment of the day has arrived, where you put everything on pause, and take a well-deserved moment of relaxation in our company.

Anime has many genres, since there are stories from soft novels, action, adventure, wars, comedy, science fiction, romance and more, now, within each of them it has its main exponents and on this occasion, we will talk about one that probably, that will bring new episodes to our screens, bleachh.

She is Nicoa popular model, cosplayer and digital content creator who shares with us a great selection of great cosplay versions, you can find her on her official Instagram as @todopokiecos, where she has more than 102 thousand followers and many photo shoots that we think could be from your liking

This time we will talk about Nelliel Tu Odelschwancka girl in the Bleach anime, who appeared from a very young age and called herself simply Nellwho when growing up obtained the position of third sword in the army of Sosuke Aizen.

When she was little, she lived in a hole, forgotten by the world with her adoptive brothers and pet Bawabawa, there Nell met Ichigo Kurosakiwith whom he lived great adventures and ended up being like his brother, while he came to share signs of affection and comical moments, although she used to be jealous and hoarding, his affection was genuine.

Nico sports long aqua green hair along with a light green dress that is torn and has short sleeves and a circular neckline, not to mention the red line that is just above her nose and divides her face, as well as the emblematic skull that always rests on his head and juicy red lips. We hope that this cosplay has been to your liking, leave us your comments on our social networks and please continue on eGames News.

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