Nicolás Blandi can concentrate after a month in Union

More than a month ago, the novel by Nicolás Blandi ended in Colo Colo and he signed for Unión de Santa Fe, a club he arrived at about a month ago and where he is currently in the process of getting ready.

It was again known that the former San Lorenzo was not physically well and that is why the debut has not yet taken place. However, that wait is about to end and this week, perhaps, you can see action.

Unión de Santa Fe faces Estudiantes this Wednesday for a new date of Argentine soccer and according to the trans-Andean press it can be considered by coach Juan Azconzábal.

But why has it taken so long? The player arrived in Argentina on August 7 and in training he suffered from an old injury, this being the reason for a special physical preparation.

Nicolás Blandi in Union

At present he intensified loads and also trained alongside his teammates. Will this week be the litmus test of Nicolás Blandi in Unión de Santa Fe? Time and DT will tell.

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