Nicolas Hulot: a former EELV activist says she was excluded from her campaign because she "excited him too much"

The young woman revealed the identity of the man she mentioned anonymously in a tweet posted in 2017 during the outbreak of the #MeToo or #BalanceTonPorc affair.

Pauline Lavaud, former activist Europe-Ecology-The Greens (EELV), told the microphone of BFMTV this Friday to have been excluded from the campaign of Nicolas Hulot for the internal primary of EELV in 2011 because “she excited him too much”, thus revealing the identity of the man she mentioned anonymously in a tweet posted in 2017 during the outbreak of the #MeToo or #BalanceTonPorc affair.

The young woman, who specifies not to have been subjected to assault or sexual abuse on the part of Nicolas Hulot, affirms to have recognized herself in the testimonies delivered in the program Correspondent broadcast Thursday by several women accusing the environmental activist of sexual assault and rape.

Pauline Lavaud described herself in 2011 at the time of the events as a “young activist” “very enthusiastic about the candidacy of Nicolas Hulot for the internal primary of EELV”. In the evening, during a trip with the candidate, Nicolas Hulot calls him “late, around 11 pm”.

“I did not really understand the purpose of his call,” she explains. “Following that, he sent me an SMS to wish me ‘good night’ so there I understood that it was not a professional call”, specifies Pauline Lavaud.

“A few days after this exchange, at the end of the debate between the candidates, a person from his team came to see me spontaneously to tell me that I was not going to be able to be part of the campaign team because I was excited too much the candidate, “says the former activist, who then leaves the campaign of the environmental candidate. “I felt ultra humiliated” and “bruised by these words,” she says.

“I was lucky”

The former activist denounces in her testimony a “system” surrounding the former contender for the Elysee Palace, saying that her team was “aware of his tendency to attack women”. “These people were not trying to protect women, they were looking to protect the candidate,” she says.

Pauline Lavaud claims to have identified with the women who testified in the Special Envoy program broadcast this Thursday on France 2, in particular the activist Claire Nouvian who mentioned a similar scene. “The profiles are the same, they are young women who are starting their professional careers, who are perhaps impressed by the character,” she explains. “I was lucky,” she says.

“I believe these women,” she said of their testimonies, regarding facts now believed to be prescribed. She also encourages women to stop being silent on issues of sexual violence. “We can all talk and tell,” she calls.

In an episode ofCorrespondent, six women accuse Nicolas Hulot of acts of sexual assault and rape. The facts, prescribed, would have taken place between 1989 and 2008. The former minister denies the facts and announced his withdrawal from public life on BFMTV.

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