Nicole Neumann shared the private message that one of her daughters sent her

Nicole Neumann shared the private message that one of her daughters sent her

Nicole Neuman She is one of the figures that always attracts all eyes and in recent months her romance with the racing driver Manu Urcera has been one of the topics of all the programs. Above all, when he made her the great marriage proposal, which will take place this year 2023 and the blonde is more than happy with it.

Through their social networks, Nicole Neuman He not only shows his work and personal life with Manu, but also with his daughters Allegra, Indiana and Sienna. On this occasion, the model and businesswoman showed the step by step of her daughter’s birthday celebration “Allu”, as her mother calls her, and captivated her millions of fans.

Nicole and her daughter Allegra.

Allegra, fruit of love between Nicole Neuman and Fabián Cubero, turned 12 in January, but now the model He wanted to organize a super party attended by his friends and some relatives. Of course, the famous she shared several photos and videos of what was the celebration full of food, balloons of all colors and brightness, added to a designer outfit for both.

The message the model received from her daughter Allegra.

This Saturday at noon, Nicole He shared one of the messages that his daughter wrote to him and decided to show it on his social network. “These are messages and moments that fill my soul to an inexplicable level, Allegra, just turned 12 years old. You are a gift of life. I am grateful that you have chosen me as a mother,” the blonde wrote to her letter daughter who said: “Hello, I wanted to thank you for the trip, I had a great time. I love spending time with you, you are the best in the world, you make me very happy, I love you very much. I am grateful to be your daughter. I love you”which excited Nicole.

Fabián Cubero’s emotional post for Allegra, his daughter who had a birthday

The ex-couple’s daughter Nicole Neuman and Fabián Cubero, turned 12 on January 6 and the famous man shared a photo on Instagram at that time where he was seen with Allegra, Sienna, Indiana and his girlfriend Mica Viciconte, together with Luca Cubero, who was in his arms.

Fabián Cubero celebrated Allegra’s birthday in January.

“How nice to see you happy,” the former soccer player had said on his social network when celebrating with his family on that special day.

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