Nightmare in the kitchen: discover the promise made by Raphaël after the makeover of his establishment!

Philippe Etchebest went to Loire-Atlantique to help a new restaurateur in great difficulty. And again, things moved on after his stint in Kitchen nightmare !

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Philippe Etchebest was back in a new unreleased episode of Kitchen nightmare this Wednesday, June 22 on M6. For this new issue, the starred chef responded to a distress call from a 12-year-old child. The young boy wanted to make his father smile again Raphael, whose working-class restaurant hardly made cutlery anymore. Touched by this story, Philippe Etchebest came to give his opinion (without filter as usual) on the work of the establishment’s team. And if some sometimes complain about the result, the protagonist of this episode seems to have made new resolutions after the chef’s visit.

A difficult first day

Philippe Etchebest very quickly set foot in the dish during his first tasting. “Isn’t that mineral water?“, he asked Kelly, the waitress of the establishment. Because yes, surprise, not having carafes, the manager of the restaurant had plastic bottles filled with tap water. Then, when it was time for the tasting, the conclusion was just as bitter for the chef… with the exception of the shank, the specialty of Mathias, the cook. The dishes also did not convince the false customers of the first evening service, who awarded a very salty 4/20 at the end of the evening. Fortunately, after this first nightmarish evening, and with the chef’s advice, Raphaël decided to raise his head.

Chef Etchebest opened Raphaël’s eyes

Its kitchens were dirty, the frying oil was brown, the garden was a mess… A major cleaning and a few modifications were needed for the restaurant to start up again. The show’s teams got down to putting everything back in order. A nice surprise for Raphaël, as he confided in the columns of the local newspaper of The Echo of the Peninsula last April. “Upon our return, the surprise was total when we discovered the new establishment.“, he explains when he saw all his new material. A gift that motivated him and pushed him to make a promise: “we made the promise to only make dishes and recipes from the two great chefs with local products, homemade desserts, etc. We now offer a new menu that is updated every day with two menus to choose from..” The era of canned beans and industrial cooking therefore seems to be well and truly over at Raphaël.

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