Nightmare in the kitchen: Steve the waiter makes Internet users react strongly

For this new issue of Kitchen nightmare broadcast this Monday, November 21 on M6, Philippe Etchebest intervenes in the restaurant of jerome, which he opened three and a half years ago. A project that has been close to his heart for several years, as he confided in the show. “I think I am efficient, fast and withstand the pressure“, he continued. Close to his family, he had hired his sister as a waitress, but she decided to return to her original profession: bus driver. So he hired Steve two years ago. But for some time the latter is “less passionate” by what he does. It was Jérôme’s parents who called the production of the show to the rescue. They were helpless in the face of their son’s distress.

A decoration not at all to the taste of Philippe Etchebest

For Jérôme, if his restaurant does not work, it is because of Steve, as he explained to the cameras of M6. “He has some shortcomings and some bad habits that affect the quality of service“, he said. Steve, he thinks his boss has a little too much character. “Sometimes it goes a little too hard“, he confided. After having discovered the protagonists of this new episode of Kitchen nightmareviewers were able to follow the arrival of Philippe Etchebest in the restaurant. As soon as he entered the establishment, the chef showed little enthusiasm for the decoration. “It’s in very bad taste“, he said. In the kitchens, Jérôme said to himself “rather confident” on his part, less on that of Steve who, according to him, does not support pressure well.

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Steve has a goldfish memory

In the rest of the episode, Philippe Etchebest consulted the menu. He had a first surprise when he discovered that certain dishes were not available. Steve let her know that the map hasn’t been updated since she arrived two years ago. The chef then put a paste on it with the morels and green asparagus. “That’s cool !” he blurted out. To which he replied: “That’s excellent“.”Except it’s not the season, there are neither morels nor asparagus“, retorted the chef. And to confide, in OFF: “I ran into the champion of service“. Philippe Etchebest finally wanted to taste the two salmon rillettes. When he wanted to know what “with two salmon“, Steve did not know how to answer. After asking Jérôme, he came back to the chief, but was unable to give him back what he had just heard. He went back to ask her. On Twitter, Internet users hallucinated. “He did not invent the wire to cut the butter“, commented one of them. “Steve has a goldfish memory, it’s crazy“, continued another.

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