Niklas Strömstedt’s sad future announcement – months after Jenny’s tears of joy

Niklas Strömstedt and Jenny Strömstedt

Jenny Strömstedt has been reached by Niklas’ sad news – after the intense autumn.

TV: Jenny Strömstedt’s marking against Niklas: “Tasty”

After the commercial: TV: Jenny Strömstedt’s marking against Niklas: “Tasty”


Turn on sound

Niklas Strömstedt and industry colleague and partner Jenny Strömstedt have many balls in the air.

Just you, the spouses, have no project running together. We have previously been able to see them in the lifestyle program “Together with Strömstedt”. Then they visit various celebrity–and profile–couples who have made love work, sometimes against all odds.

Strömstedt’s relationship has also gone through a difficult period. Just over a month ago, they lost the family member who also had an Instagram profile and cat, Kerstin Strömstedt.

Lost the family member this fall

The couple reported that the cat started to feel ill and a few days later it was clear.

Kerstin Strömstedt had gone to cat heaven.

– Thank you, dear little cat, for everything you have given our big bonus family over the next eleven years. The putty. The caterpillar. The bus. The warm heavy body that rested on my arm every night and became an anchor in times of worry, writes Jenny on Instagram.

The cat came to have many roles:

– You were showtime, cozy and a door opener for conversations when the words didn’t want to come out with both young and old. I wasn’t prepared for you to leave us already and the emptiness echoes. It hurts, writes a despairing mathematician.

Intense autumn in the midst of grief

Jenny has had an intense autumn where she enlisted to lead party leader debates and hearings with her role as presenter of Nyhetsmorgon.

Niklas has also had a lot to do. During autumn and winter he is busy with the final tour with GES.

GES has been running since the 1990s. But now everything must come to an end.

GES will retire after a grand concert on December 17 at Cirkus in Stockholm. The tickets sold out in no time.

Niklas and the boys are leaving

It was on Tilde de Paula Eby’s talk show Tilde that the popular band told that they would be on a final tour in 2022.

– This is actually thanks for the coffee, Niklas said then.

– All three of us are getting older and we want to have time to do other things, said Thomas.

Happened meets Niklas at the Musikförlagnarna pris and then he confirms once again that there will be no more “When we dig for gold in the USA”

– Yes, I’m finishing up our tour with GES and then in December we’ll be playing at Cirkus, he states.

Photo: TT

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