Nintendo fears that the successor to the Nintendo Switch will fail like the Wii U

Since Nintendo announced its financial results, in which it revealed that the Nintendo Switch has sold more than 107 million units worldwide and predicted that profits would fall again in the next fiscal year, the debate on the next console of the Japanese company has resumed.

In a question and answer session from a Japanese investor, translated by Robert Sephazon for VGC and cited in Nintenderosthe president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, spoke about the results and the future of the company.

The subject of the successor to the Switch was one of many discussed, and Furukawa responded to it during the chat.

Despite saying that the Switch was only “in the middle of its life cycle” in February, the president of Nintendo acknowledged that it would not exist forever, but that the transition to a new next-gen console is “a big concern” to the company.

Caution for fear of failure

Furukawa said the smooth launch of the Nintendo Switch has allowed them to plan and develop the console even after more than five years, but they are focusing on building “long-term relationships” with customers to alleviate as much risk as possible to the game. hybrid future.

Unlike in the past, we continue to have a wide variety of video games scheduled to be released, even beyond five years of release. This is because Nintendo Switch has had such a smooth release that it has allowed us to focus all of our development resources on a single platform.Shuntaro Furukawa explained.

The president of Nintendo admitted that they are worried about rushing ahead and that the successor to the Switch will fail like previous consoles such as the Wii U.

The question of whether we’ll be able to seamlessly transition from the Nintendo Switch to the next generation of hardware is one of our main concerns. Based on our experiences with the Wii, Nintendo DS, and other hardware (Wii U), it is very clear that one of the main obstacles is how to easily move from one hardware to another”.

Furukawa concluded: “Although we will continue to release new software on the Nintendo Switch, we will also offer services that also use Nintendo Accounts and other IPs outside of the video game software. We intend this to help build a lasting impact with our clients.”.

Nintendo is seriously thinking about developing its next console, but it’s taking it slow and will continue to power the Switch with updates, new games, and keeping existing players connected and attracting new gamers.

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