Nintendo Is Reimbursing Buyers Of Pokemon Scarlet And Purple, According To Players

Pokemon Scarlet and Purpleis one of the most anticipated titles for this 2022, and its launch really caused quite a stir among the gaming community, to the extent that many players feared that the bugs of the videogame could be related to a bad reception, as well as it has managed to be an amazing title that has caught a large number of playersit has also been one that has left much to be desired for many others trainers.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that, entering a video game that presents a series of technical problemsit could be something that hinders your gaming experienceto the extent that, today we will delve into the most recent title of the popular franchise of Pokemonwhich has managed to captivate more than one, we can see this in the fact that the players were already waiting for a modality of Open world of Pokémon, but everything seems that for the Hybrid console of Nintendo this may not be an easy task.

With some references as well optimized as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildit is difficult to reach the level of requirement for many of the most demanding players, and this has been seen in the pre-sales of the title, of which many players entered the region of pales but they got a bad taste in their mouths due to the experience that left a lot to be desired for some.

In the Video Game Industry a legend circulates that has left many players marked, and even more so with the launch of cyberpunk 2077 A few years ago, “never buy a pre-sale video game, it’s a trap!”, because the impulse to play any title before the most recognized streamers on the Internet drives us to buy a very early version of the game.

The funny thing here is that, we bought that title for the initial price, which could be more than the price of the game a month after its release. Of course, this would work in an ideal world where games come out perfect on release day, but that’s something that happens less and less, as Nintendo is now learning the hard way.

Is Nintendo Refunding Pokemon Scarlet And Purple?

Several Reddit users say that after a weekend of fighting against glitches and bugs in the video game, they have had enough and have now decided to give up the game, demanding their money back from Nintendo. We all know that Nintendo is a tough company, and that they don’t back down even when they make mistakes, which is why they have the luxury of continuing to sell their games for $60 (and soon, $70). However, one or another user has assured that, in his digital purchase, he presented sufficient evidence to Nintendo to get a refund for the game:

“I was given a refund from the eShop last night for Pokémon Purple after feeling that the game was not in a state that I consider acceptable for a AAA release. In the response they assured me that given the situation with the state of Pokémon E/P, they would raise the balance in my e-wallet to make sure the refund was approved. And it was approved an hour later,” says a Reddit user, hotdog_daddy.

But this situation caught the attention of more users, who think that the problem goes beyond “this video game went wrong”, and that it is the kind of actions that gamers should take when companies do not do their job well.

Reddit user Jaded_Gothhas revealed: “Refunded. I will no longer be a part of this problem. […] There will be a lot of people who will defend this franchise until the day they die. But honestly, could you look at this game and tell me that it was his best effort? The FPS and graphics made me double check if I was accidentally playing on a toaster. They somehow got away with removing big features and quality of life things from the game, like showing animations for statuses, decisions with Exp. Share, turning off battle animations… I could go on.”

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