Nintendo Switch: All the highlights of the Indie World presentation

It’s not the first time that Nintendo spontaneously announces an indie presentation and actually shows it just a day later. Yesterday, too, we were able to enjoy such a presentation in a nearly half-hour video, in which a total of 20 indie games and their release dates were presented. We have some highlights collected for you as well as one complete overview of all games.

Ooblets (Summer 2022)

The first title of the video should have already triggered a warm feeling in the hearts of many players: The sugar-sweet game world of Ooblets is at least as handsome as the cute creatures that you have to collect and raise in this mixture of Animal Crossing and Pokémon.

You can customize the eponymous Ooblets just like your own character and your house to your heart’s content and then send them into spectacular dance battles. In addition to the fun of collecting, Ooblets also tempt with an extensive farming simulation and many different characters who want to get to know you and your Ooblets better.

Wild Frost (Winter 2022)

However, the pleasant feeling of warmth from ooblets will quickly disappear the next time you play: wildfrost is an ice cold one Roguelike deck builder, in which you face the never-ending winter with your own army of frosty creatures. According to the genre mix, you can expect many different cards and the search for the perfect deck.

Since your failure means the end of a run, you can unlock permanent improvements and abilities in your town to keep from freezing in the fight against winter. In addition to exciting strategy, Wildfrost should score particularly well with its unusual creature design.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (Summer 2022)

At the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator you also send your troops into fateful battles, but it will be rather difficult to take your troops seriously. The name only says it to a limited extent: Red soldiers meet blue soldiers here, who are called Wabblers and accordingly tend to wobble across the battlefield.

In addition to the unreliable foot soldiers, you can also send Viking ships, chariots and even mammoths into battle. But one thing is clear: the four-legged friends and means of transport are not safer on foot either. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a strategy game for all those who prefer to defeat their enemies by laughing.

Another Crab’s Treasure (2023)

The true highlight and probably the most surprising title of the whole presentation is hidden behind Another Crab’s Treasure. The indie studio Aggro Crab lives up to its name and changed genres after its debut game Going Under: From roguelike to soullike – with crabs.

Because in Another Crab’s Treasure you can explore the wide sea as the aggressive hermit crab Kril, always looking for a new home for your back. From food cans to flower pots, everything can serve as a tank to survive the fight against the enemy crustaceans in tough challenges. Another highlight, four games to start gambling immediately as well as all titles you will find the presentation on the next page!

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