Nintendo Switch already runs PC games: this is possible with a brutal streaming card

It’s time to admit it. The switch It is the most versatile console of the current generation. It is far from being the most powerful or the one with the most robust catalogue. But he has known how to play his cards to be a sales success.

The truth is that it still lacks several things to be perfect. Among them, a wider gallery of games for all age ranges, without such an excess of children’s options or visuals as simple in appearance as Splatoon 3.

As well as perhaps a little more hardware to improve the graphics section of the console, which today is already evident to be somewhat limited compared to the PS5 and Xbox One Series X.

The fantasy of many, as happened at the time with the PS Vita, is that practically any game that runs on a PC could be enjoyed on the Switch.

Fortunately, that is now a reality, somewhat tangled but more within reach than ever before.

This is the Tassei card that runs PC games on your Nintendo Switch

The Tokyo Game Show 2022 was the stage where the Japanese company Tassei unveiled its new accessory attachment compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

It is a card that is inserted into the same slot where the console games are inserted. Only here the dimensions are larger and the card does not run any game.

On the contrary, it operates as a bridge with which the console can receive the signal from a PC via streaming to run virtually any computer game in real time:

The Streaming Card, as we can see in the video above, can remarkably synchronize its sync with the game running on the PC-based platform with the Switch controls.

Broadly speaking, it works like a kind of Steam Link or NVIDIA Shield, but for Switch. Most impressively, the lag between the original game and the handheld is almost unnoticeable.

However, it is obvious that the set up of the platform is somewhat complicated and cumbersome. In fact the people at Tassei were looking to market the Stream Card, so they don’t even have a definitive final name.

There are no commercial partners yet who can collaborate with the production and distribution, although, as we can see, the accessory works.

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