Nintendo Switch: New GuliKit KingKong Pro 2 controller promises to end drift

Ever since the Nintendo Switch was released, its Joy-Con controllers have drawn global criticism: driftingsomething that promises to solve the new GuliKit KingKong Pro 2 controller.

Drift or drifting is an error that occurs in some video game console controls, in this case on the Switch, which causes the character of a game moves without the gamer touching the controllerthat is, whatthat the movement of a stick go anywhere without even touching it.

This has caused hundreds of problems for Nintendo, including the request for an investigation of the Japanese company by the European Consumers Association, after it received 25,000 complaints about problems with the Switch joystick.

It doesn’t happen with every Joy-Con, it doesn’t happen that often, but it can happen. For this reason, the Chinese company GuliKit has developed a new control, the GuliKit KingKong Pro 2, with which it ensures that Nintendo users will not have drifting problems again.

Get to know the GuliKit KingKong Pro 2

The GuliKit KingKong Pro 2 is the new choice for Nintendo Switch gamers and offers some very cool features, like gyroscope, an FPS mode, amiibo support, the classic vibration and a competitive price for all that it offers, $69.99 on Amazon.

On the GuliKit official website, they highlight the battery life of this controller: it has a rechargeable lithium battery that can work up to 25 hours with a full charge.

The GuliKit KingKong Pro 2 supports both wired and wireless use and is not only compatible with the Switch. It can also be used with Windows (from Windows 7 onwards), Android, iOS and MacOS.

The company ensures that thanks to its patented electromagnetic bar, the control will never drift, that is, the player will never suffer from drift.

In terms of design, the controller comes in black, with black buttons. and has chrome details on the triggers and stickswhich make it look very elegant.

A video published on the brand’s YouTube channel shows more details of this fantastic GuliKit KingKong Pro 2.

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